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Iain Masterton now has a website featuring some of his fine photographs of the Hutongs in Beijing. Iain's a long time Hong Kong and China resident who's a very talented photographer. For many years, he lived in Beijing and took many, many photographs of the older parts of the city. www.hutongphotography.com is his new website. The site has some of Iain's wonderful photographs. You can contact Iain at Iain Masterton - Hutong Photographer.

Iain speaks, reads and writes Chinese and, as well as being a very accomplished photographer is a professional writer and Bridge Engineer.

Iain was a major contributor to the Cathay Camera Club and very many of his Hong Kong photographs feature in In The Heart of the Metropolis, the book by the Royal Asiatic Society, concerning the rapidly disappearing older parts of Hong Kong. Buy the book!

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