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As you may have noticed, this website was out of action for about 18 hours. I upgraded Gizmo from RedHat 7.2 to RedHat 8.0, and the upgrade did not go well at all. Dear me, no. The CD ROM on Gizmo refused to read all of the install CDs, so I had to do a minimal install, copy the required files in from the other CD and install extra packages normally. On the plus side, I now have very little in the way of packages that I don't need. I started off with the 476Mb Minimal Install and added things like sendmail, vim, httpd, etc. Plus I had a backup of the original installation on the second disk, so I can restore things as needed.

On the minus side, RedHat 8.0 has a number of dramatic changes which you only really notice when manually upgrading. It now uses httpd-2.0, f'r instance, which requires substantial changes to the httpd.conf file, as well as sendmail-8.12.x, which use a pretty different config. Strangely enough, I was using 8.12.8 from source before upgrading, but it wouldn't compile afterwards. Odd, but the upgrade package was 8.12.8 anyway.

I've also added an option to spell check these webpages, so ewe should knot sea Moore spilling miss steaks. UPDATE: aspell is taking a really long time (like forever, dude) to check anything with this new install, so I've disabled it until I can sort out what the issue is. I'm guessing that there's some sort of file permissions problem as it's faster when the root user does a check.

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