Air Quality


The air quality has been pretty bad lately. Here's the view from Oil Street, Fortress Hill across the Exhbition Centre to Central.

Pentax *istDS, FA 50/f1.4 1/2000 sec @ f11

The Exhibition Centre (the building in the foreground) is 2km away from the vantage point. The tall building is IFC2, which is about 3.5km away from me. This is not a trick of the lens or anything like that. This was taken with a 50mm lens on a DSLR, so the effective focal length is about 75mm. There's a very slight telephoto compression of the distance here, but not much.

UPDATE: Ho Kwok Hing, who many Hong Kongers will know as that gweilo in the canto-soaps, also mentions poor air quality with some pictures from a similar location.

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