Fundamental Changes Down Under

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Australians need stronger toilets:

Believing toilet seats are no longer able to handle our growing love handles, Standards Australia has begun a review and expects to make changes including "an increase in the strength of toilet seats to accommodate the increasing size of humans".

It's expected the new standard will cater for a 150kg person — of which there are more and more every day.

Source: Brisbane Courier Mail: Stronger toilet seats are a weight off our behinds

One nice thing about being in Australia is no longer being the fattest person in any given room.

UPDATE: darn <blockquote> tags!


fumier said:

Imagine being the fattest person in an Australian room. What an accolade!

dave said:

fumie, ironically, the average weight assumed in an Australian elevator is 68kg per person, while in Hong Kong it's higher! (72kg, I think)

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