In-Flight movie reviews: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


I haven't seen the movie in the Cinema, so I don't know if it's because the StudioCX version is very heavily edited, but there were a lot of large jumps at the start of this movie and and one whole plot-line (dobby) was removed. I didn't really like the version I saw at all.

I guess the editing was inevitable, given the constraints in getting a 700 page book onto the screen in, but it doesn't bode well for the remaining books (assuming that book 7 is similar in length to the others).

The whole Quidditch World Cup scene was cut so tight as to be barely recognisable and I would have loved to have seen more time on that. Also, most of the school work seems to have been cut out, as was the whole Leprechaun Gold issue. (It adds a lot of depth to Ron's character.)

The Ministry of Magic guards as Italian Carabinieri, and the minister of Magic as Oswald Mosely was a bit odd - it doesn't really jibe with the books as I read them. I suppose it helps to set up the next book (or 2), but it made me very unsympathetic to the Ministry and their cause.

Alan Rickman was superbly over the top, as usual. Dumbledore's Irish accent was especially grating: just get Ian KcKellen to play him, you know he's the right choice. Stuffing Malfoy as a ferret down Goyle's trousers was a classic moment though: English comedy at its finest.

On the whole: Meh.

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