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Macworld 2008 is next week, and there's the usual predictions of wonders to emit from the Mothership in Cupertino from the usual suspects (MacRumors, MacWorld, Engadget, etc). Here's my best guess as to what coming along:

  • Sub-notebook. I think a MacBook Pro about the size of the current Macbook will be the one here. It may have a smaller display bezel and end up being a 12.4" notebook (and called a 12" MBP), as you could pretty comfortable take half an inch from the sides of the MacBook. Possibly the width of the unit could be reduced to 28.5cm, which is the size of the keyboard 'pit' on the MacBook. Spec wise, this 12.4" would be similar in spec to the existing Black MacBook, with the addition of a dedicated graphics card, but probably 'only' an Nvidia 8400 type, rather than the 8600's of the larger laptops. Possibly it would replace the Black MacBook. This small MBP may or may not have an optical drive.
  • An outside option for all the MacBook Pros would be a resolution bump, so that the 12.4" gets 1440x900, the 15.4" gets 1680x1050, and the 17" keeps only the HD display at 1920x1200. That would give the 12.4" a very useful distinction from the Consumer grade MacBooks, and would give a good reason for upgrading, as well as run the pro and office apps better. 1280x800 is a bit too small for Numbers and Final Cut.
  • Cosmetically, the MacBook Pros are due a redesign, and I think they'll adopt a variant of the MacBook keyboard (but backlit), magnetic latches, a black bezel around the display (iMac style). Rumours of a super-slim laptop abound, but there's not a great deal of thickness to lose there anyway, as they're already only one inch thick, and could start to lose stiffness if any thinner. LED backlights in all the MacBook Pros, and probably the MacBooks as well, could lead to a thinner lid, so that'll probably happen.
  • Mid-Tower: It's the gaping hole in the Apple Lineup, and I doubt it'll get filled. Apple seems to have no trouble insisting that anyone is the market for a desktop Mac just get an iMac.
  • iPhone2: maybe a bump in specs, and the announcement of the 3G model for Australia and Asia (read Japan). Rest of Asia ignored as Apple can't or won't get the iTunes store working in China (or HK), citing piracy concerns.
  • Cinema Displays: Slightly revised cases to match the slightly darker iMacs, plus an option for built in iSights. Probably a glossy variant as well. Very slight chance of a glossy only version, which would piss off the graphics professionals something awful. LED backlights where possible, although this might not be possible for the 30"
  • A real dark horse would be OLED cinema displays, but these are just coming out for TVs, so unlikely to be used for computer displays for a while. Still, that 1 million to 1 contrast ratio would be attractive.
  • Apple TV: Movie and TV show rentals from the iTunes store, and possibly a very slight spec bump on the AppleTV to include HD capabilities and 5.1 sound.
  • Mac Mini to be ignored and to later get a bump to the current MacBook spec, i.e. Santa Rosa chipset.

Traditionally, there's a "one more thing..." which can be something awesome, or just iPod socks. What I'd like to see is a hand held device, about twice the screen space of the iPhone, which is capable of running some of the iLife apps. Edit your photos on your iDevice with iPhoto, record your band with Garage Band, play your tunes with iTunes. Very possibly, use the built in camera (or external source) to make a video for pushing to YouTube with iMovie. (iDVD and iWeb not supported.)

UPDATE: And of course the iPhone SDK, new firmware and the means of getting software onto the device via iTunes.

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