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So, the guys from KingsmeadPE are following up (from Kingsmeade?) with breathless anticipation of a deal for me.

I got a URL out of them this time (see above), and a quick google search on their company name (kingsmeadpe ) turned up a whole bunch of threads on The Motley Fool about Boiler Room operations.

That's not the kind of profile you expect from a respectable business!

UPDATE: so, about 45 minutes after posting this, this post is #3 on the google search for KingsmeadPE.


io'b said:

the domain is available! (look at the bottom of the flash presentation)


dave said:

Tempting though it is to put up a website pointing people to the Motley Fool thread, there's no actual link there.

I'm satisfied that a google search pops up the warnings before the company website.

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