COVID19 aka SARS-CoV2 aka 2019-NCorv


Here we go again...

In early January 2020 in Hong Kong, we started getting an indication of something spreading in Wuhan, Hubei province, China. Within a few weeks, HK schools were on hiatus starting from the Chinese New Year holiday, and are still closed. This is a global pandemic now, and there are far better resources to track it than there were back during SARS.

During the early phases of this everyone referred to it as the 'Wuhan Coronavirus' because of the likely origins of it. Eventually the WHO gave it an official name: the virus is SAR2-nCoV, and the resulting Disease is COronaVIrus Disease 2019, or COVID 19.

Some external visualisations:

Here are some of my visualisations, made from the sources listed above. They're updated automatically, usually around once per day, as the new data comes in. (Note that I'm not forecasting here. This is the observed data, not a prediction. This is scary enough as it is without extrapolating. I'll leave the forecasting to actual epidemiologists)

In the style of the @jburnmurdoch plots, you've probably seen before...

Confirmed Cases since reporting started. Big shoutout to Macau here - they shut down hard right at the start.

Confirmed Deaths since reporting started.

Confirmed Recoveries since reporting started.

New Cases per day...

Confirmed New Cases per day since reporting started.

Confirmed New Cases per day (per million) since reporting started.

Confirmed New Deaths per day since reporting started.

Confirmed New Deaths per day (per million) since reporting started.

Confirmed New Recoveries per day since reporting started.

Confirmed New Recoveries per day (per million) since reporting started.

Aggregated graph of World Cases. We're very clearly on the left edge of a bell curve.

Some country specific charts (Green is Recovered, Amber is still sick, Black is dead):

United States


China Cases (Mainland China only - does not include Hong Kong or Macau, I report them separately.)




United Kingdom



South Korea


Some places that have been through this before and had more or less competent responses:


Hong Kong (Complicated because they keep reclassifying the data as being part of China which we technically are, but I want to show it separately.)




My Python and Perl code to download and produce these is on Github:

Now go WASH YOUR HANDS, wear a mask and stop touching your face!

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