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Not much going on at the moment really - I'm going to do some more fiddling with the style sheets and may try for a few different themes so that there are a few different looks to the site, even with the basic structure remaining constant. That's the nice thing about CSS, of course, style and content are separated.

I have some more pictures of Conor (and of Roxanne too, of course) which I'll scan soon and put in place. I also have a scheme for putting all the various images on their own little webpage without using a database or php or anything dynamic - probably generate pages for them through the Makefiles which build the site.

In other news, the RRDTOOL section will get more bits added to it - I'm really getting the hang of it now - I'll add more bits to each page showing the usage of each section (and maybe even each page!) over time.

Happy Christmas!


Another month without any news! There hasn't been a lot happening, however. I've got some time on my hands now, so I'll try and neaten up the site a little. I have done some work on the graphs in the rrdtool section and I've also upgraded gizmo. Gizmo, my web-server and mail server, is now a PIII Celeron 1300Mhz, with 768Mb RAM. The Celeron Chips are just so damn cheap over here, it's silly. I've finally retired the venerable Asus P2B motherboard and PII 350 chip which has been running more or less constantly since late 1998.

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