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More style changes


I've been fiddling with the style sheets and they look pretty good now. I've you've got a compliant browser (like ie6 or mozilla), the pages will like ok. If you've got an older one, like netscape 4.76, they may look like anything at all. NS4.76 isn't very compliant and may well do strange things. K-meleon is a nice, small browser which uses the Mozilla rendering engine. It will read your IE Favourites and Netscape bookmarks too.

I've added a little page about my home computer systems, saying what everything is and how it's all linked together.

Short holidays


I took a few days off work last week and we went up to China. Kaiping, to be precise, in Southern GuangDong. I'll do a write up at some point, probably when I get the films back.

Yesterday was the festival of Cheung Yeung, when Chinese people visit their ancestors graves and clean them. They also burn offerings and usually manage to set mountains alight. See http://hongkong.scmp.com/ZZZ8V1532TC.html although that link will probably go off after a few days.



Well that was fun, wasn't it boys and girls? I upload a bunch of files but not the revised stylesheets and everything looked like complete cack. Right now, I'm trying to make it not look awful under IE5, despite IE5 being somewhat broken. Mozilla is a good browser, or Opera. IE6 looks good as well. If you're running Linux, Konqueror is good. I'll try it with Lynx too.

Style Changes


I've been doing some changes to the style sheets. This probably looks better in Mozilla/Konqueror/IE6 but utter cack in IE5.

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