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Apple activating Original iPhones?


I had to do a software restore on one of my original iPhones today and it came back from restore unlocked and activated! I restored from the original Apple 3.1.3 7E18 firmware (not the jailbroken one), and it came back up with 'iPhone is activated'!

I'll have to do it with the other iPhone to see if it's a pattern or just some holdover from being jailbroken, but if true, it means that Apple is rolling out stealth activations for older devices.

OK, tested with Her Indoor's old phone. I had to put a valid SIM into it, but it unlocked and activated after doing network traffic. (I presume with Apple, but maybe it had a look at 3HK too, to see if they're an authorised provider.) My old iPhone went straight to the "iPhone is activated" screen.

This is certainly of academic interest to most people, for those with older iPhones reliant on Jailbreaks, it seems like you can now do a straightforward factory restore and have a functioning iPhone!

Factory Restore, unlocked!  No Jailbreak!

Activating iPhone on my Flickr.

Introducing my iOS apps!


Introducing a new blog: Dave's Apps. My first App is live in the App Store: MyLibraryList.

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