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After meaning to update this for ages since the half hearted attempt back in January 1999, I've finally got some spare time while something is churning away in the background. My Copious Free Time has been in short supply over the last four months, as I've been working like a madman as an independent consultant.

Some brief news for people who want to know what's happening:

  • I'm still in Hong Kong, still at the same address and phone number, for those who know it.
  • I'm still working in Transport Planning, although I'm trying to get into technology consulting as well.
  • I seem to be more of a bass player than a guitarist these day, and I've been playing bass with Dr. Sved for a few months now. Catch us most Friday nights at The Flying Pig, Lockhart Road, Wanchai. Related to this, I've got a new bass: a five string Ibanez Ergodyne. Only had it a week or so, and just getting used to that bottom B, but feels good so far.
  • I'm migrating towards Linux at home. My home box now runs dual boot Win98 and the Red Hat 6.0 distribution of Linux. My laptop chugs away on RH 5.2, although I'm thinking of putting BeOS on it, just for a laugh. Maybe I'll try FreeBSD...
  • I've got my own company! O'Brien Consulting or OBC. Officially I'm a technology consultant, which is a sufficiently broad title for me to lump Transport Planning, Web design and programming all together. The OBC web page is dependent on my Copious Free Time, of course, and there's precious little of that around at the moment. (Anyone wondering why I capitalise Copious Free Time, could have a look at the Jargon File which is a dictionary of hacker slang and culture.)

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