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Another false alarm.


We spent yesterday in Pamela Youde hospital after Sanley started having contractions every five minutes for an hour. Of course when we got there, the contractions stopped. We got home about five o'clock, with no prospect of the little fella coming out.

Semi Automated.


As you may have noticed from looking at the site, I've changed from the yearly index page format. This index page now has the last five entries on it, so it will download faster. There are other options as in the menu above, so you can see the last ten, twenty, all in reverse chronological order or read by year in order. This is down with some simple utilities. Note that the site is still not dynamic, i.e. database backed: the number of changes don't warrant the processor overhead that would take. The static pages are regenerated every now and then. I'm currently moving all the appropriate pages on this site to this generation method.

The gallery page has been updated with some new pictures.

As always, any comments on the site design, layout and content to webmaster[AT]diaspoir.net.

The power will be off in the entire building tomorrow (Wednesday 24/07/02) from 10:00 to 13:00, so obviously this website won't be here. (Or wasn't here, if you're reading after Wednesday.) (This website is hosted on one of my Linux servers at home on the end of my DSL line, in case you're wondering.)

If you're family, we've been assured that this week is *the* week.

Some new pages


Yikes! It's been nearly a month since the last update!

I've added two new pages showing the constant pounding my server here gets from codered/nimda viruses and people who try to crack into it. The codered/nimda page and the ssh-logon page are both updated hourly, thanks to the wonders of cron jobs.

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