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The Heritage Foundation


The Heritage Foundation, the right-wing group that likes to proclaim that Hong Kong is the 'free-est' economy in the world, is sponsoring a Creationist 'Intelligent Design' function: . Further proof that whatever they say is arrant nonsense.

Of course, their proclamation of freedom is ably dissected at the Left Business Observer.

More Nonsense from TVB

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I was just watching the evening news on TVB, one of Hong Kong's two non-cable TV channels. In a summary of Easter events the world over, the news reader mentioned the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem where:

"...Christ was believed to have been crucified and buried hundreds of years ago."

*rolls eyes*

They also stated that most Catholics are from war-torn and third world countries. Whaaaaa?

As an aside, I've also noticed that, since they started putting English subtitles on the news, the quality of the English in those subtitles is appaling. Many of the native English Speaking news readers seem to correct the grammar as they go, but some feel quite happy to read out glaring and basic grammatical mistakes.

The new newsreader, David Nye, while reading out the sports, announced that some soccer player:

"scored from a frederick..."

when the subtitles clearly said he scored "from a free kick". What a maroon.

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens


We went out for a quiet drink last night. Lockhart Road, in the heart of Wanchai District, was quiet. It seemed like a ghost town, with only the occasional cheer from those watching the Sevens on the big screen in another pub. (Devil's Advocate - they seem to have a funny cable TV subscription that gets them different channels from the other pubs.)

At about 8pm, the Sevens must have finished for the day, as the street was suddenly awash with people. I do believe that there's a member of the MLCCC in there somewhere.

Customer Service


You know, when a mistake is made when handing change back to a customer, the correct response is "sorry, I'll put that right straight away", not hysterical screeching and wailing about how I'm trying to get someone into trouble with her boss.

St. Patrick's Day


Well, once again Lá Féile Padraig rolls around, the national festival of Ireland, in which we honour a Welshman (or maybe a Roman) who we kidnapped and who subsequently hated the place enough to force us all to convert to Christianity.

I will point you to waider's very fine memo on the subject of St. Patrick's Day.

I haven't had my vaguely traditional bowl of snake soup this year, as my parents, who are vegetarians, were visiting. Perhaps over the weekend.

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