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I was just watching the evening news on TVB, one of Hong Kong's two non-cable TV channels. In a summary of Easter events the world over, the news reader mentioned the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem where:

"...Christ was believed to have been crucified and buried hundreds of years ago."

*rolls eyes*

They also stated that most Catholics are from war-torn and third world countries. Whaaaaa?

As an aside, I've also noticed that, since they started putting English subtitles on the news, the quality of the English in those subtitles is appaling. Many of the native English Speaking news readers seem to correct the grammar as they go, but some feel quite happy to read out glaring and basic grammatical mistakes.

The new newsreader, David Nye, while reading out the sports, announced that some soccer player:

"scored from a frederick..."

when the subtitles clearly said he scored "from a free kick". What a maroon.


You noticed that "Frederick" as well? *titter* Nye definitely seems like he's trying too hard with his "Deep Newscaster" voice. Have you tried to read his newscasting partners' body language? They don't seem to want to make eye contact with Nye.

beeper said:

Both of you need to clean your ears and have your eyes checked!

booger said:

Half of all Catholics come from Latin America, and the philippines has one of the largest Catholic populations. I guess morons like both of you don't know anything about the Catholic Church!!

TaiwanRules said:

Jealous people like you will be accepted at TVB--where the pay is great!

opopo said:

Hi Losers!!!

dave said:

The four comments above have all come from the same IP address:, and they all look like they're from the same computer. (There's exactly the same user agent: MS IE 6.0, Win XP, .NET framework.) The poster found this page by searching on "David Nye TVB", for which this page is the number 1 hit on Google.

I'm guessing that the poster here is actually David Nye himself. That's just a guess, mind.

If it is the man himself, he's coming across like a complete idiot. This does not help my opinion of him very much.

oj said:

So much for your "objective" moderating!

Looks who's talking about "respect".

dave said:

Yet another comment from the same IP address and the same browser, so probably the same guy.

You complain about lack of respect and yet you're the one leaving anonymous comments on someone's blog. You're the one being insulting and calling us morons.

As for objective moderating, how have I moderated these comments? I haven't edited or deleted any of your posts.

If you are David Nye, it looks like you really need to learn to handle criticism.

Look, if you made a mistake reading something out, you made a mistake. It was just a silly mistake on the soccer results, for heaven's sake. Admit it and laugh about it.

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