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Today's Wibblinks 02/02/2012 (p.m.)

  • "These tiny touchscreen mobile computers we carry around in our pockets are the ultimate multi-tool. I use my phone to read, shop, watch, listen, cook, play, navigate, share, jot, photograph, and chat, so I organized my apps just like that. The guiding question for where each app went was What do I DO with it? Here's a screenshot of my first pass at a verb-based interface using folders on my iPhone."

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Today's Wibblinks 02/01/2012 (p.m.)


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This just reads like the usual toxic nonsense that right-wingers spout: "only rich people are worthy of money, and taxes are theft". It's especially galling in a place like Hong Kong, where most of the population lives in subsidized housing, enjoys public healthcare, public education, public libraries, public transport, and enjoys a high standard of public safety thanks to a relatively modest level of taxation levied on some very rich people.

I always get the feeling that many Randroid types feel themselves to be John Galt if they have any business success in Hong Kong, without realizing just how much public largesse goes into that 'cheap' workforce they feel entitled to.

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