OK, we're moving house over the next weekend. Phone number remains unchanged. We're moving down to the Tin Hau area, just a few stops along the Island Line from Wan Chai, where we are currently.

Someone commented that some of these pages look funny in Netscape 4.7. That's down to a bug in Netscape, I'm afraid. If you go to another site and then come back to here the pages should look much better. Or you could use a different browser. Mozilla is pretty good, and Internet Explorer, as much as I don't like to encourage the use of Microsoft products, is ok as a browser too.

Coming up soon is Wanchai Live! with all sorts of bands making lots of noise in The Wanch and Carnegies on the 5th and 6th of May starting at midday and continuing until the wee hours. For a full list of who's playing see outside The Wanch and Carnegies, where the list should be on display.

As usual with this event, a percentage of all takings goes to the Kely Charity.

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