Happy Friday!


In the month since we came back from Ireland, my linksys has kept the line up without a problem, so whatever the issue over Christmas was, it's not happened again. Maybe it was an ISP problem.

There's a new section on the website: the usage page. It's automagically generated by webalizer, a program by Bradford L. Barrett. (http://www.mrunix.net/webalizer/). the statistics get updated once a day.

One of the hassles of running a website these days is the constant load on the server caused by people infected with the CodeRed and Nimda viruses. There are just so many idiots with insecure IIS configurations who will not upgrade their systems. I have a little script which blocks these hosts after the first time they strike, currently I have 232 hosts in there, and remember these hosts are only able to hit me once, and this list only covers the last month or so!

Fortunately for me, these virus attacks only affect Windows systems. They bounce harmlessly off my Linux based web-server. My email is also based on Linux, so I laugh at all these Windows email viruses.

I'm spending all of my working days in Linux now, being a Linux consultant and all. about the only thing I use Windows for is playing games and scanning images at home.

Now I need to find some time to update the look and content on this website...

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