Wanchai Live VII Timetable


As of this moment, the timetable is as below. This will probably be subject to change over the course of the days, as people sleep in, fall over, run away, etc.

TimeSat - Carnegie'sSat - WanchSun - Carnegie'sSun - Wanch
12:00Dave O'Brien---
13:00Just 78 / Shallow FallsDum & MadMakeshift Haven / Inappropriate MannerOne of a Kind
14:00Milk & CookiesDave O'BrienDave O'BrienCouch
15:00SchneiderLos TabernacosDoctor ThirstyMilk & Cookies
16:00Harvey's CreamTunnel VisionWhence He CameDave O'Brien
17:00MedusaMind Your HeadTouchUncle Joe
18:00Dum & MadMydriffHenriesMedusa
19:00The MacsShakespearoes2 TonnesBeirut Carpark
20:00MydriffTouchShakespearoesCauseway Bay City Rollers
21:00Thinking Out LoudBastardsDon't Panic9th State
22:00Causeway Bay City RollersHenriesLos TabernacosFish Lips
23:00Helter SkelterDon't PanicBastardsHyperstatic

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