Back from Dragon Boat day down in Stanley yesterday. We had a good day, and did some good racing. Unfortunately we were rammed by them scurvy 'Sea Dogs' who lost control of their boat and impeded some others. They were disqualified, although they had the bloody cheek to go looking for a bye to the final. Hello? You can't steer in a straight line and you want to be compensated for it?

Anyway, we (and another team) got byes into the final (Expat Men's B Cup Final, to be precise) and we came fourth, which was a reasonable showing.

The competitions are different this year with the split between Expat Men's A (Fit Gits) and Expat Men's B (everyone else). It means that you can race your heart out and you'll get as far as you can without suddenly finding yourself completely out of your league. It's never been fair to have casual teams (like us) competing against the Paddle Club, or the Diggers who race all year.

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