The first month with Conor


It's been a month since the last update, but we've just been busy being new parents. Conor's very well behaved - he only cries when he actually needs something as opposed to all the time like some babies. He's very good at sleeping in his own cot as well. I've taken pictures of Conor every week since he was born. These will also go up on his page at some point. He had his one month inoculations the other day, and he was weighed and measured at the same time. All normal and according to plan, which is good. He's 56cm and 4.95 kg now, at 5 weeks old.

Meanwhile, Roxanne's started school! OK, it's only kindergarten, but she already has to wear a little uniform and has a schoolbag full of books. Luckily for us, the school is next door to our building, so I can drop her down to school in the mornings if I'm leaving for work around nine am. I've taken a picture of her in her school uniform, which I'll put up here at some point.

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