Saint Patrick's Day

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Well, it's Paddy's day again. Please join me in the national Irish pastime, commonly celebrated on this day, of rolling your eyes at those 'Irish-Americans' with their tartan pants and their stories about leprechauns and the 'auld sod', not to mention green beer.

If I'd thought about it sooner, I'd've had some snake soup tonight to celebrate that good old Welsh Roman alleged driving of the snakes out of Ireland. I did have some Clonakilty Black Pudding for dinner, though.

I had a debate on about who is entitled to call themselves Irish. One particularly arrogant Irish American refused to accept the fact that he wasn't Irish, and decided that I wasn't Irish either, because I lived further away from Ireland than he did. This is a moronic statement. Pat Young: you are a moron.


John Lane said:

All Irish Americans are Irish ethnically and they are a lot more Irish thn Samantha Mumba for instance.If it wasn`t or the Fenian Brotherhood(an Irish American organization) the cap doffers left at home would still be waving Union Jacks and be part of the UK.

dave said:

Irish ethnically? What on earth does that mean? If you're a fifth Generation Irish American, you may only be 1/32nd Irish. You are, however, 100% American.

Samantha Mumba is 1/2 Irish. She was born in Ireland, and she grew up there. Denying her Irishness because of her skin colour is just raw, unadulterated racism.

As for the last point, Irishmen have been defending their country from invasion since at least Roman Times. Are you saying that Irish-Americans are somehow better at being Irish than the Irish who live in Ireland?

I'll also note that you surfed in here searching for 'St. Patrick Tartan', which should reveal a certain amount of ignorance about Ireland and the customs thereof.

Oh, and the tartan you got married in, the Clan Cian Tartan? It was designed in 1983

rojman said:

hahahaha f**k YEAHHH, dave!! said everything i wanted to say to that john lane EEJIT! nice one

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