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The official statistics from China still say that almost no one there shows any sypmptoms of Atypical Pneumonia. Journalists from Hong Kong who escorted a Shenzen Victim to a local hospital report that shenzen hospitals are packed full of sick people, all wearing masks and that anti-contagion measures are being taken to keep reporters away from the hospitals. i.e. The problem is China is far, far worse than they're willing to admit. Don't forget: in Hong Kong, the 1000 people infected to date all were infected from one man. In the Mainland, they've had hundreds of people, each as virulent as the one who landed here. They're talking about super-infectors: single cases responsible for infecting up to one hundred others. Should we believe that the mainland has the contagion under control?

Of course not. The Chinese central government is once again lying to cover up hundreds or thousands of deaths. They would rather infect the world than admit that they did something wrong. Once again, the Chinese concept of 'Face' is shown to be moronic, stupid, and self defeating.

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