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Well, another 26 people sick, one more death, and no more recoveries today from SARS. I've actually got a relatively complete list of the daily totals, so I may make an RRDTOOL database and graphs of this thing.

Meanwhile, it's disgustingly hot and muggy here in Hong Kong: We've had the air-con on in the bedroom for the last two nights, but personally, I find that having a large fan blowing cold air on me cools me down enough to lie around like a beached whale. If I have to get up and do stuff, I'll overheat very quickly. This is mainly due to the humidity, which is always very high in Hong Kong. We usually only complain about it when it's over 90%.

Conor is home now. He went back into hospital today for observation and then the hospital appeared to be getting rid of all non-essential cases. They also announced that they were restricting visitors to one at a time, no more than one hour each. Now, I find that sort of thing suspicious as hell. I'm very seriously thinking about working from home for a few weeks... Just need to sort out the VPN connection. Our current setup uses a Win2k client, which isn't a lot of use to someone who spends the entire day ssh'd to 20+ linux boxes.

And we also probably need an Inflatable Gwailo so people are reassured that the Network Guys are all in the office.

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