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I'm annoyed. I started making bread tonight in my usual fashion and the dough has refused to rise. I even tried adding some extra yeast to the mix. My bread making powers are gone! Must be all the Red Kryptonite at work!

In other news, I note that the US is planning to build execution facilities at Guantanamo Bay, so that they can execute the prisoners they've held there in contravention of the Geneva Convention. And we still haven't seen any Weapons of Mass Destruction.


Dave from nearby where the World Trade Towers used to stand... said:

The Geneva convention was not observed by the folks who flew 4 planes into buildings and the ground... The Geneva Convention was never followed by a certain gentleman by the name of Hussein... The prisoners at Guantanamo Bay will have been treated better than in most other prisons around the world... Yes, there will be innocent folks there, that happens in a non-perfect world. Despite any country's best ideals for justice and benevolence, this world sometimes forces some really rotten choices to be made... Just some thoughts.

Blessings to all.

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