Well, I put a Pentium III 1 Gigahertz processor in Gizmo (the web server box, and currently my main workstation), because I assumed that, at something like three times the price of the Celeron 1.3 I had in there before, it would be a faster chip. I looked at the 133 Mhz Front Side Bus (FSB) and concluded that memory access would be faster and overall performance would be more solid. It was certainly like that on my Windows box, when I had two of them. However, what has really happened is that the system feels more sluggish (only slightly) and the total heat output has gone way up. The CPU temp, which used to hover around 40 C, has gone to 55+ when working hard. The SouthBridge Temp has gone up too. I'm going to put the Celeron back in, and overclock it to about 115-120 Mhz FSB. I had it there before. That's about 1.5Ghz overall. The SDRAM is all p133, so is fine and stable at those speeds.

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