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I've managed to get Mojo started up again. I've put one of the PIII processors into the old Asus P2B board which used to have a PII 350 in it. The PIII runs at a faster FSB too, so there's probably going to be a lot of heat generated. There's no thermal sensor on for the CPU on the P2B board, but there are headers for them. I may be able to make some from one of the little electronic thermometers I have lying around. Are thermal sensors a standard part? Will I need to calibrate it? I've seen some P2Ts for sale on the web for US$6, but the shipping costs to here are silly.

The trick to getting a fast PIII to work with the P2B is to set the CPU core voltage (Vcore) to 1.8 on the slot1-S370 converter (Slocket). This is as low as the Voltage generator on the motherboard can handle. This is slightly too high for a PIII 1GHZ, but only by 0.05 volts, so I'm not too worried. I used an Iwill Slocket II, mainly because I had one lying around.

Having the latest BIOS probably helps too - Asus Web Site has plenty available for download, and I'm using a recent beta 1013a7. There's a 1014b3 out, which may or may not be any better. Haven't installed it yet as I don't seem to have any functioning floppy disk drives!

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