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I just had a letter today from Windsor Life Assurance Company Ltd saying how they think I might have moved from the UK and might not actually be eligible from one of the schemes I have with them. Considering that I moved from the UK Six Years Ago!, I am very annoyed about this current turn of events. It seems like whenever I send get a letter from them, yet another different person is involved. Do they have a revolving door policy of firing people who've worked there for more than a few weeks? Is the company so badly run that no one wants to spend more than a few weeks working there? They might now be in a position to refund GBP 10,000 plus of my money which they've been taking from me every month even though they knew I was not in England. (They were sending regular post to my addresses here in Hong Kong.) I sure hope they do, because, from the last statement of my accounts they sent me, it looked like I would have been better off putting the money in a biscuit tin and not investing it at all. Still, I guess it could be worse, I could be poorer for having tried to invest my money, and many people have been.

I guess the moral of the story I'm currently hearing is that big financial firms do not give a Gosh-darn Flying Futz (hey, my mother reads this, ok?) about the people whose money they obtain via high-pressure sales techniques.


null said:

Shut. Up.

dave said:

The above comment has come from (, which is hosted by

It's not actual comment spam, but it's not contributing to anything either.

The author of the comment arrived here by searching for 'Windsor Life' with google (I'm currently the 32nd entry that comes up: Google Search for 'windsor life')

Possibly it's a disgruntled employee of Windsor Life, upset that anyone could have a complaint about their workplace, possibly it's just a moron.

Pam Marshall said:

I have a whole life policy that windsor life have raken over from aetna many years ago, this was supposed to mature next year with about £1800 in it, not a fortune but I needed that cash. Now they had "raided" that account, stripped out all of the cash and have just informed me that they want to put the premiums up to £54.52 a month from £20.00 for the same amount of cover.

does any one else feel that they have had a rought deal?


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