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As many who know me know, I'm horribly prone to ear infections. I also get blocked up with earwax a lot and this affects my hearing. I got my first ear infection when I was in University, then I was ok for a few hears until I had a really bad one in Saudi Arabia. Ever since, I get them regularly. Living in a hot and humid environment doesn't help very much. I've tried lots of things over the years, with varying degrees of success but today, I found an almost instant cure for wax, so here's some tips on what to do with ear infections and excessive earwax.

  • Earwax - Cerumol is rubbish. I've finally found something that works: Hydrogen Peroxide in a 3% solution. ...the fizzing noise can be somewhat alarming... Put some drops in your ear with your head turned sideways and wait for the foaming to stop. It gets a little warm and the fizzing noise can be somewhat alarming, but don't worry. After the fizzing has stopped, tip your head over and allow the mess to dribble out. You probably want to sluice out your ear with warm water too. It's best to do this in the shower, as it can be a little messy.
  • Ear Infections - Otosporin is yer only man. I first had this in Saudi Arabia, and everything else has been completely useless. Otosporin is a prescription medicine, so you'll need to get it from a doctor. Many doctors (especially in Hong Kong) will pile you down with anti-biotics and other medicines. You will probably need the anti-biotics, but always ask the doctor if they're really necessary. Hong Kong Doctors over prescribe like nobody's business, especially anti-biotics.


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