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I've just got a reminder from Windsor Life Assurance that they managed to lose an important document I send to them some months ago (one that I had to get someone else to sign, at some cost to myself) and I must get another copy made and signed. There is no trace of an apology. The document itself concerns the fact that I may have recently left the UK. Well, duh! I left the UK nearly seven years ago. It took them almost six years to realize that the address in Hong Kong to which they were sending letters may not have been in the UK.

I fully intend to send them the information they require, cc'd to their General Manager and cc'd to the UK Financial Planning Ombudsman. I was bullied into taking these plans out by General Portfolio, a shower of criminals, and the only reason I've kept them going is that they may have had value as savings schemes. It now seems as if I'd have been better off keeping my money in a biscuit tin under my mattress.

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