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I stumbled (via Breanagh's Blog) on a disturbing thing tonight. Apparently, if you mistype as (not the transposition of s and p there), you get redirected to a bible site: Now, I have nothing against Bible sites, and often frequently check out many religious sites myself to see if what people claim is holy writ really is. For example, just after September 11 2001, many people quoted Al Qu'ran as saying that martyrs received 72 virgins in the afterlife. You can check out that claim here if you want. Nothing shuts up a fundie like appearing to know his own holy books better than he does.

However, redirecting people who make a simple typing mistake to your own site is the sort of thing Porn Spammers do. Witness the Official White House Website: and a porn site (with skanky interns) (which I am not going to link to). It's not good company for a supposedly Christian site to keep, now is it?

I'm going to email Earl Ball, about this and ask. That's a very suspicious email address. He also lives at PO Box 10142, St. Petersburg Florida 33733. Actually, there are a lot of spammers in Florida, so I'm not going to email him. That address looks fake as all heck to me anyway. I'll just leave this permanent record about his duplicity here...


Earl said:

you can contact me about my website mentioned above at
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