So there we are, sitting around at home, watching the movie on the TV (Snake Eyes, Gary Sinise and Nicholas Cage), when my little brother disappeared for a few minutes. "Oy!", he says. "Do you know that you have all three Back To The Future movies here?"

"I am familiar with that fact, yes. Would you like to indulge in 80's movie nostalgia?"

"Do we have enough wine?"


"Hit it."

We were just going to watch BTTF 2, (the original having been indelibly imprinted on our genes as we grew up in the 1980's), but the ending segues into BTTF 3 in such a way that you can't stop watching, and need to roll movie 3 straight away.

It's still good stuff. It is a classic time travel movie, where the logic behind time travel is discussed and taken care of. Paradoxes are pointed out, examined and dealt with. It has dated a bit: the 'future' antiques shop in 2015 has a Mac Classic in the window: they're pretty much antiques now in 2003. I suppose in 1985, a Mac would have almost been science-fictional.

(I saw my first computer in 1979, and then some Apple ][s a few years later on, with Macs a year or so after that. We had a computer in the house on a regular basis since about 1983 or so, and a fulltime computer in the house after 1984 or so. It was a BBC Model B, which was a great computer. You could get an office suite (word processor, spreadsheet) in ROM and still had a very powerful machine (by the standards of the time) with a very competent programming language. It even had one of the classic games available: Elite. Two video modes on screen at once, and an enormous galaxy to explore, all in 8kb!)

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