We went out today to buy a proper fishtank. We had one before, a small one (15"x8"x9") with which we had terrible luck with the fishes. They never lasted very long.

When we moved to the new flat, we brought the fishtank, although by that time we had no fish.

Chinese believe that having fish in the house is very lucky. Seeing as how we could do with a little luck at the moment, we went out to get a good tank.

The best place to go for fishtanks and fish in Hong Kong is Tung Choi Street, near Prince Edward MTR station. It's shop after shop of tropical fish and associated paraphernalia. (There are also a lot of bicycle shops, which is very surreal.) We got a 24"x14"x20" (width by depth by height) tank for HK$180 and some small fish to go into it. We got a bunch of really small fish, this time, all about one or two centimetres long so that they would shoal around. We had goldfish the last time, and they were a little too big for the tank.

The amount of water which goes into a big fishtank is truly amazing - I've filled the tank to a depth of 16", so I reckon that there's 88kg of water in there! I guess the whole thing weighs as much as I do! The little fish look a little lost in the big tank, but they seem quite happy to shoal around.

Meanwhile, the kids, of course, are fascinated by it.

If I can get a long enough USB cable, I might put the webcam facing the tank.

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