I've been trying to read a few of the better political blogs recently. While these are mostly American blogs, there are a few others. One thing which amazes me is the comments sections. After a few comments, any discussion of political issues will be drowned out by gibbering right-wing nutjobs. And I'm not talking about those with politics to the right of mine, I'm talking about the "KKKlinton killed Vince Foster", or "Hillary is the AntiChrist", or "if you don't toe the Republican line, you're a traitor to America". It's quite scary how much this happens. And it's stifling discussion. It is impossible to have a political discussion in a public forum without gangs of trolling Freepers (so named because the congregate on the absurdly right-wing FreeRepublic.com, and no, I'm not linking to them.) turning up and spewing hateful nonsense everywhere.

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