Playing again!


Next Saturday at the Globe on Hollywood Road there's a Folk Society musical night. It's free to get in and it starts about 7:30pm-ish. Music will be provided by:

  • Chris Hoskins
  • Dave O'Brien
  • David Dudgeon
  • Pete and Iris Benzie
  • July Levy (back from Australia for a while)
  • Atlantic Bridge

Yep, that's my name up there. It'll be the first time I've played in public since Wanchai Live back in June, so I'd better practice!

Don't worry about the 'Folk' aspect - it's not all woolly jumpers and fingers stuck in ears. These nights are a good night of live music which isn't blasting your ears off. Anything and everything from Jazz through Beatles through Richard Thompson to Pop songs, and even the occasional Diddly-Aye.

Also, the beer's good in the Globe, and the prices are usually reasonable. The Globe is under the Escalator on Hollywood Road, Central.

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