I've made some long overdue changes to the site, including:

  • adding a blogroll (Hemlock's been having an effect, even though he didn't link to me!);
  • heavily restricting access to some sections (see below); and
  • tightening up on the security while making it less visible.

The last two are due directly to some pretty abusive stuff that's been coming my way recently from people who think that my website is a public resource and they can use my bandwidth for their own uses. No, you can't. I don't care if you think that's selfish or 'anal-retentive'; this is my server, my bandwidth and my work. Go get your own.

Hemlock, that grumpy blogger, has categorised the HK Bloggers, although thankfully he missed a few. Well, me, anyway. I'll keep my head down... I don't agree totally with his judgements, but some of them are pretty spot on. I'm not sure how well his acerbic observations will travel outside of HK, but I like them, so I link to them.

Anyway, I've added some of the local blogs I read regularly to the navbar over on the right. Or it might end up as the left, or maybe on top, depending on me changing the styles at random. Anyway, the one with all the links, as opposed to the other navbar with the local links. I've also added more links to other blogs, generally political and generally pretty lefty. If that political bias bothers you, don't bother reading them.

Also, just because you're a HK blogger and I haven't linked to you doesn't mean I point at your site and make disparaging comments. It just means I don't read it regularly enough to have it in my bookmarks. Phil's has a pretty comprehensive list of local and Asian bloggers.

Updated to correct a whole bunch of spelling mistakes.

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