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Simon's big idea is to have a HK Blogger Meetup. It sounds like a reasonable idea, but some of those involved probably value their privacy. There is, for example, no way the Shaky Kaiser would ever want his real face plastered across a thousand blogs. Neither, I'm guessing, would Conrad (of fame) like to be identified.

There are those of us who have their 'real' identities on their blogs, like Phil (, Randall (BigwhiteGuy.Com), or Yan (glutter), or me (and I'm sure there are others I haven't included). But some people's diaries go out of their way to avoid mentioning who they really are. Whether for political or personal reasons.

I'm not knocking Simon's idea of a get together — I'm all for it — I just do think that some of the folks there might be a little worried about their real-life identities being linked with their blogger ids.

And my vote's for somewhere in Wanchai.

Edited to fix some spelling. Taken down for a bit while I thought about it, and put back up again.

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