Hong Kong Bloggers Meet


Well, it finally happened. A small (but perfectly formed) group of Hong Kong bloggers got together to, well, just get together, really. In attendance were:

  • Phil
  • Simon
  • Ron
  • UKJoe
  • Ben
  • Eyal
  • and a visiting blogger from the US, Terry, who has some really nice photographs on his blog.
  • Also non-bloggers, but commentators, including Jacksback.
  • Oh, and me, of course, although I left early.

At least that was the state of play when I left at about 9pm or so.

Beer was drunk, talk was talked, and if you want a blow by blow account, well, you should have come along, really. Living vicariously through blogs only goes so far. No pictures were taken, but if you're comatose on the steps of Fenwick's tomorrow when I'm going to work, consider yourself immortalised.

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