You may wonder why I'm cheering for Australia. It's all to do with Five Nations Etiquette. A Celt (someone from Ireland, Scotland, Wales or France) should cheer for their own team first, and then cheer for another Celtic nation. It is only permissible to cheer for England if they're not playing a Celtic nation, or they're playing someone really odious, like the Nazis, or South Africa. Australia and New Zealand are deemed to be Honorary Celts for the purposes of cheering.

However, you are always allowed to cheer for the underdog.

I'm watching the Rugger on Star Sports, and the commentators are Australians. There is no pretence at fair an unbalanced commentary. They've just started saying things like "England hasn't won a football world cup since 1966, a Davis cup since 1936."

Go on Elton!

Yeesssssss! Good on ya mate!

Come on ya Wallabies!

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