Monstrous Regiment


Some time back, I mentioned that I'd picked up a copy of the latest Terry Pratchett book, Monstrous Regiment.

On first reading, I didn't like it very much.

I read it again this week, however, and my opinion's changed somewhat

On the second reading, I found the gradual revelations about the cast of characters to be less contrived than before. The realisation that they all have their little secrets and the constant wondering about who else might be aware of those secrets runs throughout the first two thirds of the book, until the somewhat heavy handed climax blows the whole thing open.

As for the Ankh-Morpork characters who show up, I suppose it's consistent with The Fifth Elephant to have Vimes show up as an ambassador, but I wouldn't have throught Lord Rust would go along with him.

It's not one of the all-time great Discworld books, like Reaper Man, The Fifth Elephant or Night Watch, but it's ok. Enjoyable, well written, and thought-provoking.

Updates: spelling corrections.

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