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I woke up this morning and blearily shuffled into the computer room to check something. The 11:30 showing of Return of the King in Pacific Place had seats available which were acceptably far back from the front. I saw the first movie from the front row. Man, did those hobbits have big feet!

I arrived at the cinema just in time to get a drink — a small one, it's a loooong movie — and got to my seat. Some slouching Neanderthal was blubbering on his phone next to me, but mercifully didn't use it during the movie. He inexplicably left about an hour and a half before the end too, which seems a bit strange. Maybe it was the way I'd growl whenever he took his phone out...

Hot Damn, that is one fine movie.

The large scale open air shots are truly glorious, as are the battle scenes. Jackson and Weta have truly raised the bar on large scale battles.

Minas Tirith is absolutely stunning - it's just like the image I had in my head. The tree is perfect too, but it should have been explained why it was lifeless before and was flowering after the victory. I guess (and hope) that this will be in the Extended edition, as well as the Houses of Healing and some explanation of just why everyone decides to follow Aragorn.

Vertiginuous angles - my ankles are still twitching. Why are cavalry perched halfway up a mountain? Why do people in middle Earth build without regard for actual flat land?

Arachnophobes - I'm very arachnophobic, but I wasn't grossed out by Shelob at all — I though it was a very convincing giant spider.

Gollum - Andy Serkis is truly amazing.

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