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Astute viewers may have noticed that the contents of the navbar (the one on the right) changes a lot. This is mainly due to the fact that I'm trying to trim both navbars down to one. I think, that having two makes the screen very crowded, especially on a small screen, and can make the central column very thin so that it loses any sense of balance. There are supposed to be two narrow columns and one wide one, not three narrow columns!

What I found recently, when forced to work somewhere where the equipment was primitive, was that on an 800x600 screen, my site is very hard to read. Even on a 1024x768 screen, it's a little compressed if you have the bookmarks down the side as I normally do.

I normally use a resolution of 1280x1024 on my Eizo L685's (I have two), with a web browser open on the right hand monitor, and the editor open on the left hand monitor. This gives me a full screen display, but only occupying half of the viewport, which is 2560x1024. This is done with a relatively cheap Matrox G400 card with dual-head outs. I've got a dual-head Nvidia card for the Windows box, which can let me play games on two screens as well.

My site should look like this picture here, which shows my web-browser rendering my site (and a few others, thanks to tabbed-browsing). I normally use Mozilla for browsing. I download the updated source on a weekly basis, compile and install it The source all comes out of CVS, so it's the latest development version of Mozilla. My primary workstation is running RedHat 9.0, although it's customised with stock kernel and various other utilities compiled from source rather than via packages.

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