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spotted in this mornings SCMP:

Almost everyone in the legal profession has interpreted what is, and what is not, in the Basic Law.

Academics and self-styled experts have done so, the Americans have frequently given their interpretation, and the British often disclose theirs. Even the president of Taiwan has given his comments. Who knows where a further interpretation will come from Africa, the Caribbean or Southeast Asia?

Yet we do not see any protest or objection in Hong Kong about those interpretations. But when the sovereign state makes an interpretation of the Basic Law, there is so much fuss and protest.

I am very confused. Why is it acceptable for every Tom, Dick and Harry to interpret the Basic Law, but it is not all right for our own country to do so? Now I feel fed up.


Because when other countries 'interperet' the Basic Law, they're just stating an opinion, when China 'interperets' the Basic Law, they are changing it to suit themselves.

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