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There are some new additions to the family. I got some sharks and a stone-fish today to add to the aquarium. The sharks bully the catfish, which is good. The stone-fish lurks. He's a world champion lurker. He's got a great face - sort of a cross between Yoda and Obi-Wan.

Mind you, I just remembered seeing stonefish in the Wan Chai market for sale. Apparently, they grow to about 18 inches long. Ho Hum. If I'm complaining about the two steaks per day that my fish require in a year or so, you can remind me that it's all my fault.


Al said:

Hey Dave,
where are you located? I ve been trying to get a hold of stonefish for a long time to put in teh aquarium. Any chance you can ship a few??

dave said:

Al, I'm in Hong Kong. I think shipping tropical fish from here to the US would be quite difficult.

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