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When googlebombing, I do believe that the text in the link has to be the desired search term.

Shaky's having trouble with,

That should do the trick. I loath referrer spam.

Update: following comments from Shri below, all general terms removed, but the obvious one left in.


shaky said:

Yeah, I re-read the stuff on Googlebombing when it was to late to realise the link has to be the search text.

Anyway, thanks!

shri said:

Hi guys,

Can you do me a favor... we've tried VERY hard to get into google for some of those terms that you're trying to googlebomb. Yes, we compete with AsiaXpat... and yes, we operate fairly differently.

All you're doing is messing with us folks at GeoExpat...

Shri said:

Thank you sir. I owe you a drink or three for listening. :)

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