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As I've mentioned before, I run a dual screen setup here. I have two LCD monitors in a side by side configuration to give me a screen of about 31" x 13" with a resolution of 2560 x 1024.

On the Linux box, which is my primary workstation (and also the server you're reading this on), both of these screens are identically sharp. The VGA card is a Matrox G400 with dual analogue outputs. I get a 75Hz Vertical refresh rate.

On the Windows box, both screens are noticably different. I have an Nvidia card with one DVI and one VGA output, both of which give a 60Hz refresh rate. The analogue output is noticeably more fuzzy than the digital output. Strange.

Alas, although the primary purpose of the Windows box is game playing, two screens isn't all that useful for gaming. While many games will support a widescreen view, the dividing line between the screens is then right at the centre of attention and is very distracting.

A three monitor setup would be perfect, but onle one card supports that — the Matrox Parhelia — and that really doesn't have the oomph for proper gaming.

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