Ronald Reagan


The Gipper has finally passed on, after ten years of a slow death with Alzheimers. As a man, may he rest in peace.

As a president, may he be remembered as the initial sponsor of fundamentalist Islam in Afghanistan, massive national debt in the USA, and the advocate of wholescale treason and illegal warfare on the part of the USA.

I don't have much good to say about him, but, in comparison to George Bush, at least he sounded convincing when he was talking, and at least he could deliver a speech. The current hagiography about Ronald Reagan just makes the Smirking Chimp sound like a brain-damaged, illiterate and inarticulate moron. Oh, wait a minute...

And also in comparison with the Shrub, at least when Ronald Reagan got an easy gig during a war, he actually did his job. Unlike the shrub, who couldn't be bothered turning up for his Vietnam-avoidance stint in Austin, Ronald Reagan turned up for his acting gigs and maybe his propaganda movies were even useful to the war effort.

(God, I never thought I'd be nostalgic for the reign of Ronald Reagan.)

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