G. W. Bush: Deserter

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Yes, and Clinton was a draught dodger, and Reagan was an actor. This doen't effect their ability to lead a country.

If people looked at policies and issues like education and medicare rather than who fought in Vietnam then American elections would be dignified and not an international laughing stock.

It's coming to something when countries that don't have democratic elections start making fun of the rivalry between Bush and Kerry. People fought and died so that America would have an elected president, and now the elections have become a race for who can slander who.

dave said:

Clinton objected to the Vietnam war on principle and didn't fight, but Bush supported it in principle then ran away when he was required to go. Very different.

Reagan was physically unable to serve in the military (a weak lung, or some such), but contributed to the war effort with propaganda movies. Bush was physically able to serve but ran away when asked. Again, very different.

Neither of those two lied about their war records in the same way that Bush did. Neither of those two had their records falsified or shredded the way Bush has done.

It's the lies and tampering with the records which renders Bush unfit for Presidency.

jfb3 said:

Well Bush may have been a deserter if this web site is correct. But then if we believed everything we read just becuase it's on a web site I'd be worth billions from "working at home" and having Elvis over for dinner next week.

dave said:

There is a thing called Provenance: I find articles on Orcinus to be well researched and accurate. You may wish to read his articles on the Bush family and Nazi Germany.

Anonymous posters, are of course, lacking in provenance entirely. However, the above poster is posting from the IP address, which belongs to Unocal, a large US Oil firm. A quick Google search turns up several results showing that Unocal appear to be accused of involvement with the Taliban in Afghanistan and alleged human rights abuses in Burma.

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