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Is there a way of having certain posts not show up on the Living In China Aggregator? I'm sure an announcement that I've faffed about with my stylesheets isn't particularly riveting to the blogging population of China.

I've also ditched Textads. I was, quite frankly, majorly annoyed with the advertising material I was asked to approve, most of which I would consider immoral. Spam related advertising is definitely not okay, and neither is libellous/slanderous stuff.

I've set up Google ads on this site, so you get ads which are actually relevant to the page you're looking at! i.e. the SARS graphs have SARS related advertising on them. Even individual entry pages on the blog will have relevant advertising! (Check out this entry, for an example.)


Steve said:

Mate your right. I am getting pretty bored with seeing stuff about american politics. Especially when the blogger says things like "We will have a new President..." etc. A) It's not about China and B) Not all of us are Americans. If I wanted that I would have jouned Livng in America (LOL)

Brian said:

Hey Dave,
I took the advice found here. You make a Living in China category and create an RSS feed for your categories.


Brian, Thanks for the advice, I'll set that up when I get back home. I edited your comment slightly to linkify the link — it was a bit too long otherwise.

Steve, I really think that that is the fault of the Living in China admins. If they're going to add blogs to their aggregator purely based on the location of the author, and without telling the author that they're doing so, they can reasonably expect to have lots of off-topic articles appear.

Now, I'm not necessarily complaining about being put on the aggregator, but I think that common courtesy would require the LiC admins to at least inform people that they're being aggregated, if not ask permission beforehand.

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