They say that if you really want to get to know a place, you should work there. That probably doesn't mean work 16 hours a day, seven days a week somewhere and you'll know it. I know the stretch of Collins Street between the Westin Hotel and the office very well now, and I've had a chance to look around the city centre a bit, but I certainly wouldn't claim to know much about the whole city of Melbourne or the State of Victoria.

In the summer time, the air is clear, the weather is warm, it's not too humid and there's plenty of extra daylight. Right now, in the depths of winter, it's very cold (at least for this tropical pundit!), it's damp, and windy. The prevailing winds howl down Collins and the other straight streets in the middle of the city, slashing their way straight through a light business suit.

The view from the office overlooks Federation Square and the Yarra River, as well as the Port Philip harbour. On a day like today, you can see for miles and the deep blue of the sea contrasts with the lighter hue of the sky. The sea looks boundless from here - next stop Antartica indeed. White flecks of sails spatter the harbour water, while long, lazy clouds drift overhead.

What have I been doing here? Well, first I signed an NDA and then, well, I [Did Stuff] to [Enhance Project Value]. And that's taken me away from my family for the last four weeks, and over two months in total.

But, any road up, as we say in Hong Kong, the long dark cliche of the project is drawing to a close and I'm booked on a flight back home to Hong Kong tomorrow. Now, the only remaining task outstanding on this project is to clear the fridge of beer. Wish me luck!

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